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Lawyers for vets: What they should offer your practice

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The very last thing on your mind as a vet student – as you worked towards your dream of caring for animals – was the search for lawyers for vets when you owned your own practice. You were probably far more concerned with passing exams, getting to grips with anatomy and memorising thousands of pharmaceutical compounds. The ins and outs of vet practice admin and staff management was a reality you probably didn’t even know existed – until it happened to you. Now you’re juggling the dream of improving or saving the lives of pets while running a business and navigating all the red tape that comes with hiring staff and owning a practice. This can be a confusing and stressful time – but not if you choose the right solicitor.


Time is of the essence when it comes to ticking off the regulatory requirements associated with running a veterinary practice

So what exactly do the best lawyers for vets look like? How can you spot a solicitor that will make life easier instead of more complicated? Firstly, speed is a crucial characteristic of lawyers for vets. Law and speed are not commonly associated with each other, but a good solicitor will appreciate that, as a business owner, your time is quite literally money and you need to deal with legal issues before they threaten your business. The quicker you can get through legal barriers, the quicker you can focus on your clients.


A vet’s solicitor should be proactive, not reactive

While prevention might not be the best cure for a hangover, it’s sound advice for circumventing any legal drama associated with your practice. Most practices seek the help of lawyers for vets when they’re in trouble – and then legal professionals can only control the damage instead of rectifying the situation. Enlisting the help of a solicitor from the get-go, who can proactively manage your legal requirements, is far more effective than hiring a lawyer who will simply react to problems after they have arisen. The best lawyers for vets will create bespoke employee contracts and handbooks and update or replace these in response to changes in the law.


Straight talking and commercially minded – the kind of solicitor your practice needs

Even though you’re their client, a good vet solicitor will talk straight and tell you what’s best for your business – not want they think you want to hear. If you choose one with experience within your industry, someone who understands the industry and is commercially minded, they will instinctively know what your business needs – and won’t be afraid to tell you. And, of course, a solid reputation among current clients is always a bonus too!


Owning a veterinary practice gives you an opportunity to create meaningful work for yourself and your vet team. Partnering with the right solicitor – who understands the landscape facing vet practices – safeguards your business. Click here to request a free legal assessment with one of our solicitors.


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