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We've always got something to say about what's happening in the dental business and that's why we are regular contributors for a number of industry journals.

Here you will find a selection of our latest articles, ranging from employment and regulatory issues to contracts and property issues.

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Getting the Right Lawyers for Vets to Work Alongside You

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Getting the right lawyers for vets to work alongside you You might be able to get away with wearing a knock-off Rolex or Ralph Lauren shirt, but solid legal advice is one thing that should not be skimped on. Finding the right lawyers for vets can be the deciding factor in whether your dream practice materialises or remains a dream. Without decent legal advice on employment contracts, partnership agreements, or the sale and purchase of a practice, you’re essentially running blind. You could end up in all kinds of unforeseen binds that derail all the hard work establishing your vet practice.


Experience in the veterinary industry means your solicitor is well versed in the intricacies of employment law

Lawyers for vets should have a thorough understanding of all employment contracts relating to the industry, and be able to create tailored contracts that reflect the nature of your practice. A solicitor with experience in the field will be well versed in the intricacies of employment law and have experience adapting contracts to changes in legislation, regulations or your practice.


The best lawyers for vets want to see your practice succeed

Your solicitor’s primary aim should be to help you realise the practice of your dreams and protect the legal health of your business to ensure you get there – whether that goal is to maintain your current practice, or open branches across the country and world. By enlisting the help of a solicitor now, instead of when there’s a problem that needs fixing, you’ll save yourself future headaches, such as expensive employment tribunal claims that damage your brand and reputation as a vet surgeon.


Your vet lawyer should help you avoid disputes with partners over investment and equity

Unfortunately, it’s not just employee contracts that require careful legal handling. By drawing up partnership agreement and associate contracts, you guarantee that your goodwill is protected and that assistants can’t jump ship and take your hard-earned clients with them. Strife between partners can have a devastating effect on your practice and personal life – such as if you invest money into the practice in exchange for shares, but receive neither the shares or your money back. If you haven’t drawn up an agreement with the help of a solicitor and decide to leave the firm, you could risk losing your investment.


A good relationship with your lawyer will serve you well in the long run

By partnering with a solicitor well before you think you actually need one, you can start forging a relationship of trust – one that will serve you well if you’re ever in the position of having to take legal proceedings further. It’s much better to be represented by someone who values you and your practice, and has had time to get to know the peculiarities of your business.

Finding lawyers for vets needn’t be a chore. Goodman Grant Solicitors is here to advise you, wherever you are in your vet practice journey. Click here to request a free legal assessment by one of our team.


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