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Dental Articles

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Dental Articles

The Goodman Grant Agony Aunt

03 Jan 2017 By Hew Tung Ma

In this article, Hewi Ma, director at Goodman Grant Solicitors, answers some of the most pressing questions she gets asked by dentists on a regular basis…

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Taking a Lease of a Practice - Matters to Consider

08 Nov 2016 By Goodman Grant

When considering the purchase of a dental practice, part of the acquisition may be your taking a new lease of premises from the seller or a third party Landlord. You may also be considering taking a new lease to start a practice.  The taking of a...

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Can You Sell Your NHS Contract?

11 Oct 2016 By John Grant

In this article John Grant discusses the ins and outs of selling an NHS dental contract…

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Reinventing dentistry

07 Jun 2016 By Goodman Grant

There was an interesting article published recently in The Sunday Times called ‘Retailers must reinvent to survive’,[i] which reported some of the difficulties that the UK retail industry has been encountering in the last several years and the ways...

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Planning consent for dental practices

19 Feb 2016 By Goodman Grant

When setting up a new practice, or relocating to a new premises, it is important for practitioners to be informed and aware of the specific planning consent needed to use a certain property as a dental surgery. For example, dental practices require...

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Restrictive Covenants

26 Nov 2015 By Goodman Grant

Whether you are in the process of buying property or taking a lease, the consideration of restrictive covenants can form an important part of the acquisition process. Indeed, once property is acquired and during your period of ownership/occupation,...

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Provide the best service - to everyone

07 Oct 2015 By Goodman Grant

A Tesco store recently made the headlines when an employee posted on Facebook about how the company had gone above and beyond contractual obligation to provide her with the facilities to breastfeed her new baby in comfort and privacy.

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The importance of bespoke commercial leases in dentistry

25 May 2015 By Goodman Grant

Every dentist will strive to give treatment that is tailored to the specific needs of a patient. This approach is also of applicable when looking to lease a property for use as a dental practice. Taking into account the very specific service that...

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Running a Practice as a Business

09 Mar 2015 By John Grant

John Grant talks about embracing the changes to the dental industry and the importance of running a practice as a business.

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So you think you would like to incorporate!

19 May 2014 By John Grant

Prior to 2006, life was simple – dentists were unable to incorporate and therefore neither accountants nor dentists nor associates gave even a second thought as to how much their lives might be improved if only they could trade is limited companies.

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