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Dental Articles

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Dental Articles

Dental Practice Sales - Assets or Shares, which is best?

07 Jan 2016 By Goodman Grant

Having incorporated your dental practice the natural assumption will be that when the time comes to sell, and hang up your drill, you will sell the company that now owns and runs your dental business.  It’s as simple as that.

Or is it?

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Who'd be an orthodontist?

19 Nov 2015 By John Grant

John Grant of Goodman Grant Solicitors explains the difficulties that NHS orthodontists may encounter when the time comes to sell their practice…

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All change / no change

07 Nov 2014 By John Grant

John Grant looks at the issues surrounding LATs and the NHS guidance on incorporation.

Before the introduction of Local Area Teams (LATs), when we were dealing with Primary Care Trusts (PCTs), each one seemed to have a different, often conflicting...

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So you think you would like to incorporate!

19 May 2014 By John Grant

Prior to 2006, life was simple – dentists were unable to incorporate and therefore neither accountants nor dentists nor associates gave even a second thought as to how much their lives might be improved if only they could trade is limited companies.

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Is your incorporated practice legal?

31 Dec 2013 By John Grant

In an interview with Dental Practice Ray Goodman and John Grant, Directors of the recently formed specialist law firm Goodman Grant warn that there is trouble ahead for unlawful incorporated practices.

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The Ticking Time Bomb of Flawed Incorporation

16 Jul 2013 By Goodman Grant

Few dentists would boast that they possessed a detailed knowledge of the intricacies or consequences of incorporating a small business, and the often distressing discovery of improperly or unwisely converted dental practices into limited companies...

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