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Dental Articles

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Dental Articles

Is your incorporated practice legal?

31 Dec 2013 By John Grant

In an interview with Dental Practice Ray Goodman and John Grant, Directors of the recently formed specialist law firm Goodman Grant warn that there is trouble ahead for unlawful incorporated practices.

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The importance of raising enquiries regarding capital allowances on practice acquisitions.

19 Dec 2013 By Goodman Grant

When looking to buy a dental practice, what the buyer is effectively seeking is the ability to earn his or her own income. Unfortunately, hand in hand with practice ownership come a number of responsibilities, such as an obligation to pay tax.

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Finding your way around a GDS contract

10 Dec 2013 By Goodman Grant

A GDS contract runs to several hundred clauses over approximately one hundred and fifty pages.  Not all of the provisions are relevant to each practice, and a contract might state ‘Reserved’ in the case of a number of the provisions. This would be...

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Solicitors and plan providers unite

25 Nov 2013 By Goodman Grant

Patient Plan Direct, and experienced team of dental legal specialists, Goodman Grant Solicitors, have joined forces. The partnership sees Goodman Grant sit as Patient Plan Directs preferred legal services provider and vice-versa. Both organisations...

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Going it alone or as part of a partnership when buying a practice?

05 Nov 2013 By John Grant

Buying a dental practice is a stressful time. Many factors need to be taken into consideration, such as finding the right location and funding for the project. One thing to keep in mind is whether to buy into a partnership or go into business alone....

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Preparing for Retirement

08 Oct 2013 By John Grant

Retirement is an emotive subject for anyone, but if you have your own business, there is far more to consider than just giving up work. This is especially true for dentists who will have spent many years and invested so much in building and managing...

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21 Sep 2013 By Goodman Grant

Are you a dentist with a GDS contract or a dentist who would like to buy an NHS practice? Then read on! 

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The Ticking Time Bomb of Flawed Incorporation

16 Jul 2013 By Goodman Grant

Few dentists would boast that they possessed a detailed knowledge of the intricacies or consequences of incorporating a small business, and the often distressing discovery of improperly or unwisely converted dental practices into limited companies...

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Employment Tribunal Claims - Don't Become Just Another Statistic

06 Jun 2013 By Goodman Grant

As an employer, whilst you may do your utmost to ensure you have a happy and effective team working for you sometimes, things do go wrong. When they do, an Employment Tribunal claim often ensues together with the legal costs and stress which goes...

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Why expert legal advice is vital in dentistry

28 May 2013 By Ray Goodman

In any business, there are times when taking expert legal advice is essential to avoid expensive complications and disagreements. In dentistry that necessity can be especially pressing, and the peculiarities of the system makes it vital that...

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