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Dental Articles

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Dental Articles

So you think you own your goodwill?

09 Feb 2015 By John Grant

John Grant warns practitioners about signing contracts with the NHS without taking proper legal advice and explores the serious repercussions this can have.

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Partnerships and Expense Share Arrangements Examined

02 Jan 2015 By Goodman Grant

Whilst accepted wisdom is that there are two distinct forms of arrangement whereby more than one dentist practises together but outside a corporate or limited liability arrangement, it is difficult to determine in practice the specifics which...

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Goodbye tension... hello pension!

03 Dec 2014 By Paul Harris

Paul Harris of Goodman Grant Solicitors looks at the 24-hour retirement principle and answers some common questions.

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PFM's Buying a Practice Series

05 Jun 2014 By Goodman Grant

In the third of his series on buying a practice, Jon Drysdale considers the legal aspects of the purchase.

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So you think you would like to incorporate!

19 May 2014 By John Grant

Prior to 2006, life was simple – dentists were unable to incorporate and therefore neither accountants nor dentists nor associates gave even a second thought as to how much their lives might be improved if only they could trade is limited companies.

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If you sell to a corporate dental group what will happen to your building?

17 Mar 2014 By Goodman Grant

Unfortunately there isn’t one simple answer to this question. A lot will depend on how you occupy the building at present, if you have a lease the buyer may want to take this over, or they may want to renegotiate new terms with your landlord. If you...

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Finding your way around a GDS contract - Part 2

25 Feb 2014 By Goodman Grant

Unlike a Personal Dental Services Agreement, which in most cases will not accommodate partnership, a GDS Contract is specifically designed for use either with an individual provider or a partnership comprising two or more providers, or a dental...

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The importance of bespoke commercial leases in dentistry

10 Feb 2014 By Goodman Grant

The ability of a dental practice to function as smoothly as possible is of the utmost importance. Standardised commercial leases and the numerous pitfalls and problems that they bring can often hinder dentists in their work, making them waste time...

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Expense Sharing Agreements A unique type of partnership

20 Jan 2014 By Goodman Grant

Many dentists are realising the benefits of entering into an Expense Sharing Agreement. This is a type of partnership where expenses such as staff, dental equipment and rent are shared, but those involved do not share the fees that they personally...

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The advantages of a comprehensive associate agreement

09 Jan 2014 By Goodman Grant

When an associate dentist or hygienist joins a practice it is vital that a formal written agreement is drawn up. Many think that a verbal agreement will suffice. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case.

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