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Dental Articles

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Dental Articles

NHS 24 Hour Retirement and The Temple of Doom!

07 Dec 2016 By Goodman Grant

Eminent archaeologist Indiana Jones is back to tackle the great terror surrounding the mysterious Temple of Doom. After crash landing in India, Jones and his companions end up in a small village where the residents claim a dark power has stolen...

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The Problem With Uber

16 Nov 2016 By Ray Goodman

Ray Goodman, joint Managing director at Goodman Grant Solicitors, the specialist  dental  lawyers, discusses the potential ramifications of the recent Uber employment tribunal – and why it’s more important now than ever before to have strong...

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Reinventing dentistry

07 Jun 2016 By Goodman Grant

There was an interesting article published recently in The Sunday Times called ‘Retailers must reinvent to survive’,[i] which reported some of the difficulties that the UK retail industry has been encountering in the last several years and the ways...

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Managing expectations

06 Jan 2016 By Goodman Grant

On the 13th November last year we received instructions from a client looking to buy an NHS practice. Approximately two and a half weeks later, on the 1st December, we had completed the process – a process that in most cases nowadays is more likely...

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Agreeing with Associates

25 May 2015 By John Grant

John Grant Director from Goodman Grant Solicitors discusses the need for practice owners to have bespoke written associate agreements in place.

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So you think you own your goodwill?

09 Feb 2015 By John Grant

John Grant warns practitioners about signing contracts with the NHS without taking proper legal advice and explores the serious repercussions this can have.

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Partnerships and Expense Share Arrangements Examined

02 Jan 2015 By Goodman Grant

Whilst accepted wisdom is that there are two distinct forms of arrangement whereby more than one dentist practises together but outside a corporate or limited liability arrangement, it is difficult to determine in practice the specifics which...

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Expense Sharing Agreements A unique type of partnership

20 Jan 2014 By Goodman Grant

Many dentists are realising the benefits of entering into an Expense Sharing Agreement. This is a type of partnership where expenses such as staff, dental equipment and rent are shared, but those involved do not share the fees that they personally...

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The advantages of a comprehensive associate agreement

09 Jan 2014 By Goodman Grant

When an associate dentist or hygienist joins a practice it is vital that a formal written agreement is drawn up. Many think that a verbal agreement will suffice. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case.

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Is your incorporated practice legal?

31 Dec 2013 By John Grant

In an interview with Dental Practice Ray Goodman and John Grant, Directors of the recently formed specialist law firm Goodman Grant warn that there is trouble ahead for unlawful incorporated practices.

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