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Dental Articles

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Dental Articles

NHS 24 Hour Retirement and The Temple of Doom!

07 Dec 2016 By Goodman Grant

Eminent archaeologist Indiana Jones is back to tackle the great terror surrounding the mysterious Temple of Doom. After crash landing in India, Jones and his companions end up in a small village where the residents claim a dark power has stolen...

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How long is a piece of string?

23 Nov 2016 By Paul Harris

Here, Paul Harris, director at Goodman Grant Solicitors, discusses how hard it can be to predict how long a practice sale or acquisition will take…

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The Problem With Uber

16 Nov 2016 By Ray Goodman

Ray Goodman, joint Managing director at Goodman Grant Solicitors, the specialist  dental  lawyers, discusses the potential ramifications of the recent Uber employment tribunal – and why it’s more important now than ever before to have strong...

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Taking a Lease of a Practice - Matters to Consider

08 Nov 2016 By Goodman Grant

When considering the purchase of a dental practice, part of the acquisition may be your taking a new lease of premises from the seller or a third party Landlord. You may also be considering taking a new lease to start a practice.  The taking of a...

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Are you taking a lease?

12 Oct 2016 By Goodman Grant

Laura Frensham, solicitor at Goodman Grant Solicitors, discusses some of the potential pitfalls when taking out a lease for a dental practice…

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Can You Sell Your NHS Contract?

11 Oct 2016 By John Grant

In this article John Grant discusses the ins and outs of selling an NHS dental contract…

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Don't be defeated by dental due diligence!

04 Oct 2016 By Goodman Grant

When setting out to acquire a new dental practice, professionals must undertake sufficient due diligence checks to ensure that their clients know as much about their new property and business as possible – so that they may avoid, or appropriately...

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Buying a Dental Practice

27 Sep 2016 By Goodman Grant

When it comes to buying a dental practice, there are a number of important steps you need to take to ensure that you investment is safe and sustainable. As such, here are a few of the most important considerations for you, as the purchaser:

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Your Statement of Purpose

21 Jun 2016 By Ben Williams

It is now over a year since the CQC changed the way in which it assesses dental practices with the introduction of the “Fundamental Standards” which replaced the “Essential Standards”.

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Reinventing dentistry

07 Jun 2016 By Goodman Grant

There was an interesting article published recently in The Sunday Times called ‘Retailers must reinvent to survive’,[i] which reported some of the difficulties that the UK retail industry has been encountering in the last several years and the ways...

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