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Dental Articles

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Dental Articles

Why is due diligence so important?

20 Oct 2017 By Kate Beech

Due diligence is a phrase that is so often used by agents, solicitors and the like when it comes to buying and selling a dental practice, yet for many buyers and sellers it can sometimes be quite daunting to understand what due diligence is and why...

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Business Lease Renewal

10 Oct 2017 By Ifath Khan

What is a Business lease?

The Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 (LTA 1954) provides the statutory right for a tenant of a business lease to a lease renewal at the end of the contractual term, if it satisfies certain criteria set out in section 23 of the...

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Why do I need legal advice when starting a dental practice?

26 Sep 2017 By Goodman Grant

Starting a dental practice is a huge step with the potential to build a lasting business that will see you through to retirement or be a saleable business in the nearer future. When you decide that it is the time to set up your own practice, you...

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What every dentist needs to know about retirement planning

21 Sep 2017 By Goodman Grant


Regardless of your current age, most principal dentists have retirement plans that include selling their practice. Ideally when you are ready to proceed, you will want this transaction to be hassle-free and timely. Part of ensuring this...

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Discrimination In The Workplace – Time for more caution and a change in workplace culture

08 Sep 2017 By Ben Williams


Uplift of Injury to Feelings Compensation Banding

This comes following a Court of Appeal Decision in 2013 that certain types of damages should increase by 10%. Since then there have been conflicting decisions on whether the decision in the...

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Nipping Disputes in the Bud

24 Aug 2017 By Paul Edels
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The Dependent Contractor - New Government Proposals

11 Jul 2017 By Ben Williams

Today the government will unveil their proposals following a review carried out by Matthew Taylor (former Labour policy advisor) into how employment practices need to change and adapt in order to keep pace with modern business models, now referred...

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Persons having significant control

26 Jun 2017 By Rebecca Wilding

The requirement to keep a register of people with significant control, or the ‘PSC register’, was introduced on 6 April 2016. Since then, all UK private limited companies – including incorporated dental practices – are legally required to maintain a...

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What To Expect When Tendering for an Orthodontic Contract

15 Jun 2017 By Goodman Grant


To say the tendering process is a challenging time for orthodontic practices couldn’t be more of an understatement. To help you, watch our short video interview with Goodman Grant Director, John Grant, who has over twenty-five years experience...

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So you want to make alterations to your leasehold property?

24 May 2017 By Goodman Grant

Modern dentistry is a constantly evolving business; new equipment, new techniques and a patient base whose expectations and demands are in a continual state of flux makes it necessary for dental professionals to adapt. More often than not, this...

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