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Dental Articles

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Dental Articles

Employment Law Considerations

13 Mar 2018 By Ben Williams

Are you dealing with Flexible Working Requests Properly?

Employers should be aware that they are required to consider a request from an employee for flexible working hours. A request of this nature must be made in writing, setting out details of the...

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Changes to the Ionising Radiation Regulations in 2018

26 Feb 2018 By Ray Goodman

Changes to the Ionising Radiation Regulations in 2018

Dental practitioners have an ever-increasing burden of compliance to shoulder. Included in the growing list of industry protocols that have to be followed are the latest Ionising Radiation...

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Zero-hour contracts: do they have a place in dental practices?

20 Feb 2018 By Ben Williams

Within employment law, the ‘zero-hour contract’ is one that is discussed by many and understood by few. The term has found its way onto an interesting news feature on channel 4 and into the manifestos of several political parties. Zero-hour...

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The 2017 Impact on Employment

12 Jan 2018 By Ben Williams

2017 was busy in the realms of employment law and the constant question of what Brexit means for employers and employees going forward. Here’s a round up what you need to know…

In the Employment Tribunal

Independent of the political backdrop, the...

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The Due Diligence Process in a Nutshell

18 Dec 2017 By Goodman Grant


What is the due diligence exercise?

 It is the investigatory part of a transaction, where the buyer gathers both operational and financial information about the business or company.The main purpose is to establish the business assets and...

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CQC Applications & DBS Checks

24 Nov 2017 By Rebecca Wilding

When applying to register with the CQC you must obtain a DBS check (formally a CRB check). DBS checks must be:-

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Why is due diligence so important?

20 Oct 2017 By Kate Beech

Due diligence is a phrase that is so often used by agents, solicitors and the like when it comes to buying and selling a dental practice, yet for many buyers and sellers it can sometimes be quite daunting to understand what due diligence is and why...

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Business Lease Renewal

10 Oct 2017 By Ifath Khan

What is a Business lease?

The Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 (LTA 1954) provides the statutory right for a tenant of a business lease to a lease renewal at the end of the contractual term, if it satisfies certain criteria set out in section 23 of the...

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Why do I need legal advice when starting a dental practice?

26 Sep 2017 By Goodman Grant

Starting a dental practice is a huge step with the potential to build a lasting business that will see you through to retirement or be a saleable business in the nearer future. When you decide that it is the time to set up your own practice, you...

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What every dentist needs to know about retirement planning

21 Sep 2017 By Goodman Grant


Regardless of your current age, most principal dentists have retirement plans that include selling their practice. Ideally when you are ready to proceed, you will want this transaction to be hassle-free and timely. Part of ensuring this...

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